Fall Form II (PDF/Word):

Fall Form III/Chair Application (PDF/Word):

NISMUN Topics:

Security Council
  1. The issue of public access to 3D printed weapons
  2. The ethics concerning the use of weaponized non-personnel controlled robots.
  3. The issue of personal and government sponsored hacking weapons systems.

Human Rights Council
  1. The issue of free access to intellectual property.
  2. The use of technology in the tracking and publicizing human rights issues.
  3. The right of public access to human enhancements.

Environmental Council
  1. The question of the right to and safety of mining the ocean floor
  2. The use of environmentally sound technologies like phytotechnology for water sanitation
  3. The question of the use of geo-engineering to control climate change.

  1. The questions concerning the placement of large scale solar grids and the distribution of energy.
  2. The question of the regulation of virtual currencies (such as the Bit Coin).
  3. The use of technology in genetically modified food production to meet growing population food demands.

General Assembly 1
  1. The question of government sponsored cyber-terrorism
  2. The ethics of non-human guided transport
  3. The issues concerning the social outcomes of 3D printing

General Assembly 2
  1. Issues concerning the development of new drugs and increased drug resistance
  2. Issues concerning the rights and responsibilities of non-national cities.
  3. The regulations and certifications of cross-border digital education.

General Assembly 3
  1. Issues concerning nano-surgery and personalized medicine
  2. Questions concerning individual rights with relations to generation ships
  3. Questions concerning the property rights for non-Earth based properties.